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So Sapna Weddings jumped into events with a BIG undertaking this year, the 5th Annual ANOKHI Gala, celebrating excellence in the South Asian community and establishing itself as the premier South Asian event of the year. 

It began as a meeting, a pitch for our services, showing ANOKHI that our excellence in wedding planning could be translated into handling a major event.  All of the skills we had mastered while planning our client weddings were those that would help us tackle this challenge.  People management, working under pressure, attention to detail, conflict resolution, ability to make informed decisions on the spot, balancing priorities, the list goes on!  Our meeting impressed the ANOKHI team, who invited us on board as the official Event Managers of the Gala.  

Managing the event this year was no small feat.  ANOKHI had rasied the bar once again, combining their success of the past with a new twist.  Not only did we host a VIP Celebrity reception, Fashion Show and After Party but this year they added a sit down dinner – it was like combining 4 events in one night :).

We began the planning in November for the February 4 show date.  Our role involved managing all of the logistics of the event: scheduling, coordinating vendors, liasing with sponsors, managing inventory, floorplans, on-site advertising components, guest list management, the list goes on.  We worked closely with the ANOKHI team, giving our expert advice and learning lots along the way.  Events are ever changing and as predicted (or unpredicted) we had some major show changing events which occurred only 2 weeks before the show but quick adjustments and some reorganization on our part helped to smooth things over.

As the planning progressed, our role became larger and we were soon the point team for over 20 major sponsors, all who needed direction and decisions from us while we managed the overall interests of the Gala.  Not a logistical decision was made without our input – we needed it this way as ultimately on the day of the event, it was our responsibility to ensure things ran smoothly.

We began to oversee set up at our event venue Liberty Grand 3 days before the event, collaborating with the venue, A/V team and the various other companies involved in the setup of the event.  Every decision ran through our team, we knew the event inside and out and were responsible for making sure it was setup exactly as planned.  When the Gala day approached, we were super excited and took over managing the execution of all of the months of planning.

Our team had a leader for each of the major events, each leader was responsible for ensuring the setup and flow of their area as the night went out.  We were all linked into each other for support as issues arose during the evening.  Each instance was dealt with one by one as we troubleshooted things which could not have been predicted and made sure Raj Girn (ANOKHI CEO) was not bothered with minor details as she hosted the event.  By12midnight our job was over and we partied in the VIP lounge, toasting to the success of our first event 🙂

It was our pleasure to work with some of the best in the business: the event venue Liberty Grand, event sponsors Johnny Walker and Moroccan Oli, event decorators Design 2 Decor, caterers Fine Cakes by Zehra and The Host, photographers Projected Life, just to name a few. 

A big thanks to ANOKHI for giving us an opportunity to be involved in such a milestone event!

photos courtesy of Projected Life Photography


Ausra & Deepan- Aug 29, 2010

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Definitely one of our most original interfaith couples, Deepan and Ausra got married at the end of August and had a picturesque wedding reception at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Toronto.

When Deepan approached us about a year before his wedding, he had a big challenge ahead of him – his Lithuanian bride was in Miami and would barely be able to make it to Toronto before the wedding.  His Sri Lankan parents had a vision of their own and he was stuck in the middle.  Deepan was not our typical groom, he had attention to detail and once he had an idea, it was hard to reel him back in!  We started by suggesting some of our favourite vendors and got him great deals along the way.

Deepan and Ausra worked to create a video save the date and then showed the final part of the video at the reception, a great way to tie in what the guests had already been introduced to during the year.

We decided to go super traditional for the ceremony, sticking to all of the Sri Lankan customs and putting together a wedding ceremony just like Deepan’s parents had imagined.  Deepan wanted to go the complete opposite for the reception so we helped him put together a more contemporary vision, sourcing 3 different vendors for his final look.  The plan was to incorporate Lithuanian traditions, so we had a welcoming ceremony where the bride’s parents greeted the couple when the entered into the reception with a tray of bread and salt accompanied by an accordian player – very cool.

See what Deepan & Ausra had to say about our services here!

Rupi & Dave – July 31 & Aug 1

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Going against conventional thought, our bride Rupi decided to incorporate black heavily into her wedding reception décor and went for a very classic and chic look like none we had seen before…and it worked; a black, red and crystal theme took over the room at the Westin Prince Hotel.

For the guests:

–          Black table cloths with black satin napkins and black fitted chair covers

–          Centrepieces alternated between short, square black vases with all red florals and black feathers and 36” tall black vases with red florals and black sticks

For the family:

–          Gun metal table cloths with black runners, black satin napkins and black fitted chair covers

–          Centrepieces were black Mansonita trees with hanging tealights, crystals and red flowers alternating with short black vases with red florals

–          Tables were also accented with crystal candle holders  and multi-tiered red rose arrangements

For the headtable:

–          A 30ft black backdrop and crystal curtains and black chandeliers

–          Black table cloths with a white/crystal lace overlay

–          Short black vases with red flowers and Crystal globe accents

We have tons of pics to share!

July 16 & 18 – Gardens & Bellvue Manor

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This was one of the most visually stunning events we did this year!  The ceremony took place right at the edge of the water with a beautiful, flowing mandap, full of colour opening up to lake.  The overnight weather before the wedding created a lot of doubt for this outdoor ceremony as it was pouring rain right up until 6am.  We were on the phone making decisions on setup from 5am, it was a very close call but luckily the day cleared up and we had to work frantically to pull it all together in such a large space with so many elements that needed looking after.

The work was well worth it as guests arrived to something you could only see in the movies, something that people dream abouth when they think of an outdoor indian wedding.  We were in charge of managing all of the vendors (6 of them), making sure the setup was correct, all of the elements were included, the setup was ontime, the photo/video team were at the right places , pictures were coordinated, guests were managed as they arrived on the large property and of course had to keep everything on time!

With such a high standard set from the ceremony, it was hard to believe that the reception would be able to still wow the guests but a white and crystal luxury theme managed to do just that.  One of the best setups we have seen, we worked before the event to give our advice in coordinating the centrepieces and linens with exactly what the client had envisioned.  The day of the reception was crazy with so many things to manage, audio/video to be tested, decor to be checked, floorplan to be altered, just to name a few.

A common problem at wedding receptions is the floorplan and this event was no exception.  When planning the placement of tables and staging is very important and in many cases a plan that looks good on paper is not executed well in real life.  When we entered the hall, about 3 hours before start time, we noticed that 4 guest tables on either side of the stage were placed BESIDE the stage when they should have been moved forward to begin in front of the stage.  This way all guests would be able to see the bride & groom.  Since the tables were already set, we had to involve the floor manager to shift around the tables.  Even the venue manager came on site and was not very happy with making the change but we pushed back and forced the halls to shift the tables so that everyone could see.  On paper, the floorplan worked well and the tables were placed correctly, but onsite, the situation was quite different and we would have had over 80 guests stuck without a good view if we weren’t there to change things around.

Take a look at the wicked pics…:)

Sharda & Mohit – July 1 & 2 – Sagan & Paramount

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Sharhit or Mo-da, as I liked to call them, were one of many in a long line of friends who hired us for their wedding.  They got some great references from their family and friends and decided to take the plunge and hire our team to help them book all of their vendors and plan their 2-day extravaganza.

We helped them choose their photographer, videographer, decorator, florist, hair & makeup, horse and limo, saving them $1500!!  The process of choosing their vendors was made much simpler as we broke down their needs, wants and budget and recommended vendors in each category that were great fits for them.

As their big day approached, we provided a ton of support to Sharda & Mohit who were very organized but still needed some advice and great ideas to help pull everything together.  It was on the day of the reception however where Sharhit really got to see us in action!

The couple and their families decided to arrive early for photos, that meant they were there and watching as we worked our magic to pull everything together.  That meant helping to troubleshoot with every changing guest counts (even on the day of!), completely rearranging  a floorplan left their families behind the main stage after the décor was all setup and helping to orchestrate one of the funniest entrances we had seen to date!

At the end of it all, Sharda & Mohit were more than ecstatic about our work and had nothing but great things to say about our service.  Check out their BLAZING video testimonial here and their pics below…

We’re Hiring…Again!

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Sapna South Asian Wedding Planning Services (Sapna Weddings) is an upscale, high-end wedding planning business in an up and coming wedding planning industry dedicated to South Asians who are looking for help planning their wedding and wedding related events. Sapna Weddings prides itself on its passion from within, unrivaled attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service. We believe that a business is only as good as its people, so we are looking for the best of the best to join our growing team. With over 200 events in our portfolio, we’re looking to take our company to the next level – and you could be a part of us changing how the South Asian Wedding Industry works!

Sapna Weddings provides a flexible work environment and is looking for help on a part-time basis. We are quickly expanding and are in need of dedicated, creative individuals looking to learn and make a splash – both creatively & professionally. Through our unparalleled training, we will prepare you for a successful opportunity with our company.

A strong candidate for the Wedding Coordinator position will have a passion for cultural weddings, excellent organizational skills, and will demonstrate superior communication skills. The candidate must have the ability to work under pressure while managing many different types of personalities and juggling multiple tasks. The candidate will also demonstrate strong leadership skills while being able to execute the perfect event.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please email your resume & cover letter to:

Samiya & Junaid – July 9, 2010 – Le Jardin

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Ok, I’ve been waiting to write about this one!  What a GORGEOUS event!!  Samiya came to us with a vision, she wanted romance, softness, flowers, candles and was looking for us to find the perfect decorator to put it all together.  Oh ya, we also helped Samiya & Junaid find their photographer, videographer, hair & makeup, DJ, cake, horse & carriage and more!  We were the team that pulled it all together, making sure all elements were coordinated, fitted well within the couple’s vision and would leave them and their families hassle free on the wedding day.

I’m going to focus on the décor for this post, since it was like a dream come to life.  It started with the lobby where we made the first impression on the guests.  They were greeted with a candlelit fireplace and a flower filled receiving table that was a sneak peak to the décor inside the main hall.  As we opened the doors, guests laid their eyes on a stunning 30ft backdrop filled with crystals, suspended petals and candles.  In the centre stood a white leather couch for the couple to sit on after the made their way down the flower filled aisle way.  Shades of pink, silver and white took over the room as the tables were decorated with soft pink linens, white napkins, huge floral centerpieces and silver candleabras.  Even our cake was décor piece!  This 30” high marvel was fit for royalty with its pearl finish and hand molded roses; not to mention it’s hazelnut flavor which was like biting into a giant Ferrero Rocher J.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll let them to the talking but please do take a minute to hear from our VERY happy couple in their video testimonial.