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Our Favourite Weddings – July 2011

Posted in Hindu, Sikh on September 18, 2011 by sapnaweddings

Hands down the busiest month we have ever encountered – July was a whirlwind!  With two long weekends falling in July, the wedding industry was burning the candle on both ends to get through this wicked month.  The good thing is we got to work with so many amazing couples with so many great ideas, the bad thing is that it is that much harder to pick our favourites!

Roli & Shiv

The second wedding in 7 months we had the pleasure of doing for this family!  Loved what was done for their “love seat” – very contemporary and chic.  Also one of the few couples who actually paid attention to wedding stationary – loved the bold and matching seating cards, table numbers, menus, guest favour stickers and donation note 🙂

Archna & Neeraj – Eagles Nest/Embassy Grand

Outdoor weddings are not without their challenges – you can never predict the weather, the setup and teardown is much more complicated and the rain plan is never as nice, nevertheless A&N took their chances and ended up with a gorgeous day at Eagle’s Nest Golf Course.  The setup was simple, yet elegant and the grey clouds cleared just as the ceremony began.  We also chose this wedding b/c we really liked our bride Archna :).  A self-admitted stressball, Archna was cool as a cucumber as we put together an event she could only dream of.

Cassandra & Ravi Jr – Crystal Fountain

Man oh man, Cass, you killed us.  An intense wedding is an understatement for this 2 day affair that boasted one of the larger decor budgets we have seen.  Like nothing we had seen before, the debut of the “framed mandap” and reception “water bar” made this an affair to remember – not to mention the constant shifts and changes to decisions throughout the day, we were making adjustments all the way through but the guests didn’t even notice!

Heena & Dilbagh – Pearson

A big, fat Punjabi wedding!  Haven’t seen a fresh look like this in a while – water, trees, curly cues!  Totally different and totally unconventional – just like Heena 🙂

Salwa & Jeff – Palais Royale

One of the first clients who signed us 2 years before their wedding, we helped S&J space out their planning so that it was a stress-free process for them both as Salwa traveled the globe!  From finding the perfect venue to selecting the best vendors to fit their style and budget, it was a smooth couple of years with a fantastic result.


Our Favourite Weddings – May 2011

Posted in Hindu, Sikh on June 13, 2011 by sapnaweddings

With the number of weddings we are working on, it’s hard to do a post on every one, so we decided to do our monthly favourites to share with all of our loyal followers.  The month of May was a great one for clients who went outside the scope of a regular wedding, they picked stunning locations, did unique concepts and pushed the envelope on decor.  We are proud to have a hand in every single one, here are our favourite weddings for May 2011:

Ravina & Herman

Had a Sikh reception with 200 guests.  Need I say more? 🙂  A cocktail style reception in a very unique location, it was the reception that many couples dream of but can never plan because their families need to invite everyone they have ever met.  Kudos to R&H for managing their guest count and pulling off an event that was all party, no fluff.

Arika & Ajay

Our first wedding at the Montreal Science Centre – wow.  Located in Old Montreal, sitting right on the edge of the water, the Belvedre Room at the MSC is a gorgeous floor to ceiling window venue.  Now, renting a space that only provides you with 4 walls is a logistical mission, dealing with rentals, servers, caterers and 3 different decor vendors all working to pull the event together, but it was a challenge we were up to, especially for our bride who was one of THE SWEETEST brides we have ever met!

Priya & Jayshan

Priya came to us 1.5years ago with one request, she needed to have the traditional wedding but wanted to create something unique in every aspect of the decor, venue, food and entertainment.  We did just that to find vendors who could meet her high expectations.  P&J’s wedding had a plexiglass mandap, 450 ice chivari chairs, a silk acrobat performance the likes of Cirque du Soliel and a 40ft long dessert table.  Yup, definitely in the running for wedding of the year.

Rupi & Dave – July 31 & Aug 1

Posted in Hindu, Sikh on December 24, 2010 by sapnaweddings


Going against conventional thought, our bride Rupi decided to incorporate black heavily into her wedding reception décor and went for a very classic and chic look like none we had seen before…and it worked; a black, red and crystal theme took over the room at the Westin Prince Hotel.

For the guests:

–          Black table cloths with black satin napkins and black fitted chair covers

–          Centrepieces alternated between short, square black vases with all red florals and black feathers and 36” tall black vases with red florals and black sticks

For the family:

–          Gun metal table cloths with black runners, black satin napkins and black fitted chair covers

–          Centrepieces were black Mansonita trees with hanging tealights, crystals and red flowers alternating with short black vases with red florals

–          Tables were also accented with crystal candle holders  and multi-tiered red rose arrangements

For the headtable:

–          A 30ft black backdrop and crystal curtains and black chandeliers

–          Black table cloths with a white/crystal lace overlay

–          Short black vases with red flowers and Crystal globe accents

We have tons of pics to share!

Amitoj & Sundeep – Jan 23, 2010

Posted in Sikh on January 30, 2010 by sapnaweddings

Happy belated new year everyone.  With our first wedding of 2010 in the books, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the experience with our loyal readers!  The event happened on Saturday January 23rd at Versailles Convention Centre in Mississauga.  The groom, Sundeep, and his bride, Amitoj, were to be married in a beautiful, traditional Sikh ceremony in India and wanted to celebrate with their friends and family here in Canada who couldn’t attend the wedding. 

Sundeep contacted us in mid November 2009.  He had just booked his venue and realized he needed help pulling together the reception as Amitoj was in India for the months leading up to the wedding.  We needed to pull everything together in about 8 weeks (4 of which he was going to be in India).  After quickly meeting with him, he explained that we needed to organize a reception for about 300 of his closest friends and family and needed help on where to start and who to hire.

We quickly started working diligently on securing the top vendors for the reception.  After determining Sundeep’s style and budget, we recommended the best vendors for him and organized meetings within 2 weeks, to visit all of the chosen vendors.  In that time frame we were able to secure a couture photographer, a top decorator with matching cake (beautiful by the way), a cinematic videographer, the best wedding DJ out there, and a bhangra team that could get any crowd on their feet.

With all of this taken care of, Sundeep went to India in mid December to get married.  In the meantime we finalized the schedule for the day and made sure all of the vendors were aware of what they had to do on the reception day.  Once Sundeep returned with his new wife, it was just a matter of finalizing the final few details and we were ready to go! 

On the day of the reception, we arrived early in true Sapna Weddings fashion to start the preparation, unfortunately the hall was not as well prepared as we were.  Although we had reviewed the times and schedule with them the week before, the service staff did not arrive until 5:45pm with guests expected to arrive at 6:00pm!  We did our best to literally fill in for the staff – numbering the tables and putting the glasses down however the banquet hall lacked the people required to get everything ready on time.  Luckily, with lots of pushing, we were only 15mins behind schedule, but it was a disappointing start.  We didn’t know it at the time but we had one more obstacle to go before we could get the programme started…


Ok so family/friend performances are great, but can lead to logistical nightmares on the wedding day.  We always stress to the performers to get us the music in mp3 format the week of the wedding – this helps reduce or eliminate the chance for technical error.  It is also important that the performers SHOW UP ON TIME.  If the family or friends that are performing are not there when it’s time to start the programme, the performance gets taken out of the schedule and the show must go on.

So anyway, you can see where this is going, the family performers were 30mins late but the family wanted to wait for their arrival before we started.  We will always suggest what to do based on our experience, but in the end, the client’s wishes are always met.  When the performer arrived, she gave us the CD, we went to have it tested and it didn’t work!  After all of that waiting, we were not able to do the performance anyway, it was really disappointing.

The rest of the night was as easy as pie but let’s hope you readers learn something from this and take our advice!  See what Sundeep and Amitoj had to say about us here

Robin & Ripu – Sept 6, 2009

Posted in Sikh on September 9, 2009 by sapnaweddings

This event was as complicated as a concert at the ACC!  Ripu & Robin had a big dream and we worked on it for almost a year with them to plan out a flawless wedding reception.  I am going to admit, we were nervous for this one – 800 people, no assigned seating and a very complex audio/video schedule – yikes!  When we first met Ripu & Robin they were sure they only needed help at their wedding reception.  As time passed we were more than happy to give advice and solve problems for a few of their other events – Mayan, Sangeet, Chunni and the actual Wedding day.  One thing you will always get with Sapna Weddings: priceless experience.  With weddings almost every weekend, we pick up tips and tricks along the way and share our invaluable information with all of our clients.  We know the common problems that can occur and work to avoid them or help eliminate them.  We used this experience to help organize and execute one of our best events of the year.

Choosing Paramount for their reception, both Robin & Ripu also invested in the hall’s state of the art lighting system.  We planned a very detailed lighting schedule which had the tables changing colours and highlighting the gorgeous centrepieces all night long.  Because of the complexity of the event, we had to have the DJ, lighting techs, MC and video techs all in sync right in the thick of the reception programme.  Of course no event is without it’s surprises, our performers were 30 secs away from being introduced and no where to be seen as they were getting ready in the bridal suite.  We subtly swept across the side of the dance floor and signalled the MC of the change in schedule, mouthing “skip the performers” and our MC got the message to quickly introduce the next speech.  In the meantime we hustled the performers out of the suite and set them up to enter from the side of the dance floor then made a dash back to the A/V booth to advise them of the change.  We are happy to say that was the only hiccup of the evening and when we told Ripu & Robin what had happened they told us they had no idea!

Our best compliment is a glowing bride & groom, see one of our favourites tell you how they felt.

Nimmy & Hunny – Aug 7 & 8, 2009

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Nimmy & Hunny got married on Aug 7 at Le Jardin and held their beautiful reception at Speranza Banquet Hall on Aug 8. 

Aug 7, 2009

After months of planning and a 6 page schedule of events, Hunny made it tough for us to stay on track as he showed up 2 hours late to the wedding!  What made things especially challenging was that the hall needed us to leave at a certain time to get ready for their next event and starting 2 hours late put us in a very difficult position.  Speeding up an event is always tricky especially since you still want the family to enjoy the event without pushing too hard to move things along but we still need to be conscience of the time.  Nimmy’s sister Jas was a HUGE part of the planning process but on her sister’s wedding day she was busy participating in parts of the ceremony and hosting their guests.  We worked very hard and very fast on our feet to make some tough decisions that helped get us back on track.   Apart from a few minor set up glitches that we fixed with the hall, we were able to get back on track believe it or not for our scheduled time of 4:00pm for the doli ceremony.

Aug 8, 2009

What a gorgeous reception!  The decor was amazing and we helped with the table settings and lines to pull together a beautiful event.  Our biggest challenge that evening was dealing with client choosing to bring their own alcohol but not being able to keep up with the demand at the bar.  Bringing your own alcohol to your wedding is a great way to save money but the people who are responsible for dropping off the alcohol better be ready to manage the bar stock all night.  Alcohol must be dropped off early in the afternoon to make sure it has time to chill and someone MUST be by the bars all night to make sure bottle count is managed correctly.  That person or people won’t be able to partake in the reception to the fullest, something that most people don’t fully understand.  This is why we recommend Last Call Alcohol Management as they give you all the financial benefits of BYOB without the hassle of managing the purchasing, storage, transport and distribution at the event.

The evening program was long even for an Indian wedding, we had 6 family performances and a series of speeches.  Our team did a great job making sure all of the performers were changed and ready to go, the DJ tested all the music and had the order of songs correct and queued each performance so that the audience saw a flawless event.

Let’s face it, everyone needs a wedding planner, give us a call at 416-997-0878 as our 2010 and 2011 dates are booking fast!

A real big shout out to Jas, we loved getting to know you, you are amazing!  Here is Jas’s feedback on our performance

Abbey & Kiran’s Wedding – June 14, 2009

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Another weekend, another wedding!  Abbey and Kiran asked us to help them plan and execute their wedding reception, something we were very happy to do for their 430 guests at La Primavera in Woodbridge.

Abbey and Kiran had spent a lot time finalizing their vendors but they knew that they would not be able to manage everyone leading up to and on the wedding day so we stepped in to save them the stress and oh man how stressful it was!  We got a call from Abbey at 3pm on her reception day with some very last minute changes to the schedule which included some surprise speakers and a rearrangement of the entire evening programme.  Not a problem :).  We adjusted the schedule, printed out several new copies for the DJ, Photographer, Videographer and MC and began contacting their performers to advise them of the time change.

As we arrived 2 hours before the event, we were able to personally take each vendor through the new schedule to make sure everyone was on the same page and organized.  As soon as the MCs arrived we made time to review the schedule with them and ensure they knew their queues.  It all sounds simple but who else is going to do that?  Definitely not the bride or groom!  No one else knows the schedule as thoroughly as we do…we created it 🙂

As the guests arrived and appetizers were in full effect inside the main hall, we started to have guests who did not have a place to sit, in fact, we had 10 of them. 

TIP: How to deal with extra guests at your reception – just kidding, you’re going to have to hire us for this one!

Check out the sharp linens that were rented.  An elegant ivory checkered tablecloth, STUNNING fitted chair covers with a gold buckle on the back and sleek gold charger plates to match.  It was a classy affair…

We are so very grateful for the FANTASTIC video testimonial from Abbey & Kiran, I think they truly got the essence of what we do for each and every one of our clients.  We work so so hard to make sure your day is perfect, no one can do it like us.  To see their kind words, please click this link