The Skinny on Wedding Cakes

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

With wedding season approaching, I get a ton of questions from my brides on cakes.  Do I even need a cake?  How do you choose a good wedding cake vendor?   What makes a good cake?  Let me first start with a cake story which emphasizes the importance of an experienced cake vendor.

Common Misconception – candles too close can melt a cake – WRONG!

This happened during a reception of ours and some of the family members thought the candles around the cake were causing the problem.  Take a look at the pictures below, there were votive candles set up around the cake, but weren’t lit.  Candles cannot melt a cake into tipping, the only thing that can cause a cake to tip over is poor construction.

We interviewed some of the city’s most experienced cake makers including Roxy from Roxycakes & Diana Shin from Papillon Cakes to see what they had to say.  “The internal structure of a cake has to be solid and sound, similar to a house.  The construction must be done with  wooden or heavy duty plastic dowels in order for it to support the rest of the cake”, said Roxy from Roxycakes.  “If a cake’s structure shifts after it has been put together, there is no way you can attribute that to candles.  Candles will not shift the structure of a cake, the only thing that can do that is if the cake is poorly made”, said Diana.

When this cake was taken apart to serve, we found that the cake was not held together with dowels but with straws!   Needless to say, this was not one of our recos!

What should your cake look like?

  1. A cake is a part of your wedding décor – it’s in the front of the room, should match you theme/décor and is in a lot of pictures so it has to look good!
  2. Consider the height of the ceilings in your venue – the higher the ceilings, the taller your cake should be
  3. Cakes made with fondant are the most popular these days.  Fondant icing is the smooth icing that goes on cakes and lasts longer than buttercream icing which look a little messier and can also melt

What should your cake taste like?

  1. There are so many fun flavours – consider Cookies & Cream, Ferrero Rocher, Passion Fruit and Banana Cream Pie
  2. The cake must be moist, bouncing back and not crumbling on your fork

What makes a good cake vendor?

  1. Experience – look for someone that has been doing wedding cakes for minimum 3 years
  2. Quality Ingredients – fresh butter, fresh cream, no artificial flavours
  3. Creative ideas – work with your vision or if you don’t have one, help with you develop a concept based on your colour scheme and overall look and feel

What if I don’t like or want a cake?

  1. Consider a macaroon tower
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Extensive dessert spread
  4. Something more fun like a Tiny Tom Donut cart or an ice cream cart

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